He had done well for himself. He had abstained for 2 weeks… 2 grueling weeks. He had to admit that though he felt a tiny bit of pride that he was keeping to his resolution, he was on the verge of imploding… Sexually and physically. Dan needed to fuck. He knew his limits and knew he couldn’t deny himself the need anymore. Dan had to have his fix. If he didn’t, he might probably end up fucking his girlfriend like a beast and he couldn’t afford to do that. It was bad enough that she dreaded making love with him… He’d been told that he too rough and fucked without finesse. He’d lost several girlfriends that way his present girlfriend was on the verge of leaving him. He’d tried to watch romantic movies, to learn the pacing of thrusts and how to fuck a girl without turning her pussy to minced meat. He’d tried to practice the moves he saw in those movies… Sadly, whenever he did that, he lasted for hours and his girlfriend would turn dry and begin to complain. The rougher Dan fucked, the quicker his release. He needed release badly. He hadn’t fucked in 2 weeks and his balls were literarily heavy. Tonight, he was going to go to the beach and look for Kweh, his favorite prostitute. She was the only woman, thus far, that took his dick without complaint and seemed to enjoy fucking him.

He found a parking spot in front of a bank. It was 9pm and the security guard didn’t fuss when Dan promised to lace his palm with some notes if his car was watched with care. Then he made his way towards Kuramo beach. He ignored the usual revelers drinking and listening to music. The air smelled of Barbecued chicken, fish and cigarette smoke. Of course the occasional whiff of hemp assailed his nostril and made him shake his head. He never could comprehend why anyone smoked hemp. During outings with his friends and a few of his colleagues, some of them would whip out their well- wrapped joint and smoke it with glee. He’d heard that hemp gave some guys longevity, something he didn’t need. His, was natural and was becoming a burden on his relationship.
Antwi was the first to spot him. She rolled her eyes and spoke in her dialect, alerting the other girls of his arrival. Dan was well known in this particular joint. KPAKPALE was a popular spot at the beach. They sold booze, barbecued chicken/fish and provided entertainment in the form of makossa dancing. One could also fuck the makossa dancers for a fee. Dan was a Friday regular… The owner knew him and appreciated his patronage. All the dancers knew him and quite a few of them appreciated his penis.  Sadly, quite a number of them had unsavory pussy tales from their exploits with Dan. All in all, he was a welcome patron because he bought booze, tipped generously and even compensated any girl he bruised.
He was just in time for the first dance act. He ordered his beer and fish and leaned back to watch the dancers wine and jack their waist seductively to the beat. One of the girls even gave him a lap dance… Grinding on top of him and making lewd promises with her eyes. Dan didn’t like her. He had fucked her in the past. Though she had a passable sex-game, her pussy was loose and had no grip. She had enjoyed the session but he hadn’t. Dan avoided picking her whenever Kweh was not around.  After his lap dance, the lady left him in peace to enjoy his beer and fish and went off to twerk for some other patron. Dan looked around worriedly. He was yet to spot Kweh. He hoped and prayed that she wasn’t absent. She was the only woman he knew that could fuck him well and match his sexual longevity. Kweh was a dancer cum prostitute and the best fuck he had ever had.
The owner of KPAKPALE approached Dan with a broad smile and sat opposite him.
“Oga Dan… Long time. We’ve not seen you here in 2 weeks. You travel?”
Dan smiled wryly at Big Bongo. He was a bear of a man but with a soft, almost feminine voice. His gentle looks belied a shrewd, no nonsense businessman. Big Bongo smiled with everyone but if any patron  couldn’t pay for whatever they’d consumed, Big Bongo morphed into an orangoutang. No one tested Big Bongo.
“I’ve been around o; work has been really hectic” Dan explained to him.
” I can imagine. But I pray that God will continue to bless our hustle, eh?” Big Bongo said.
Dan finished his fish and washed it down with beer, then smiled broadly at Big Bongo.
“Amin o…. Eheh… Big Bongo, I have not seen Kweh. Is she inside?” Dan asked with ill-disguised interest.
Everyone knew he liked Kweh and enjoyed ‘engaging’ with her. There was no point masking his intention for being here.
“Ah…! Kweh is not here again. She got married and has gone to live with her husband in Gabon.”
Mouth agape in shock, Dan felt his heart constrict painfully. ‘His Kweh was married? His Kweh that made him groan like a little boy and had the ability to make him nut after a few thrusts, was married? Just 2 weeks away and some bastard wifed her up?’
“…But I have a new girl. You will like her. She is just like Kweh. In fact, they are cousins… From the same family”
Big Bongo beckoned at a guy. When the guy approached, he spoke rapidly in their dialect, obviously dishing out instructions. The guy nodded and walked away. Dan had moved past the temporary heart break he experienced on hearing of Kweh’s exit and was now silently sieving through the rest of the dancers for possible replacement. The need to fuck was more important than grieving over Kweh’s absence. He noticed a young buxom girl approaching. She was dressed in her dancer’s costume. Her belly was not flat but her skin was fresh, flawless and tight. Despite her near rotundness, she bore no signs of stretch marks or cellulite on her laps. Dan was sure this young girl was not a day older than 20. She stood beside Big Bongo and looked down respectfully.
“This is my new girl… I brought her in last week. She cannot speak English very well but she understands. She is Miameh. And she can wine the waist very well.”
Big Bongo said something in his dialect and Miameh began to dance, shaking her waist while the rest of her body remain stationary. Dan’s eyes widened. He watched her shake, wine and roll her butt and felt his dick stirring. The girl stopped dancing and gave him a shy, knowing smile. She knew her brief dance had excited him. Dan turned to Big Bongo.
“I’ll manage her for today… But I’m not happy Kweh left. I doubt if anyone can replace her.”
“Miameh will surprise you Oga Dan… Bet me?” Big Bongo said with a leery smirk before smacking Miameh on the butt. The young girl smiled shyly and Dan spotted a dimple on her cheek. He liked girls with dimples… He looked at her baby-face then nodded.
“I’ll take Miameh” Dan announced.
Big Bongo was the unofficial pimp for his dancers. No one took them anywhere without going through him. It was his way of protecting his girls from ritualists and murderers. You had to have Big Bongo’s trust to be able to take any girl out of KPAKPALE. Patrons that Big Bongo did not trust were afforded the opportunity to have their’time-out’ with his girls in a small back room where they could engage in quickies with any dancer of their choice. Dan drank two more bottles of beer and watched the girls. Miameh had joined the dance this time. He watched her shake, jack and twerk her ass with ease and knew that alot of the other patrons had their eyes on her. She was the new meat on the block and Dan felt a little smug that Big Bongo had reserved her for him.
The hotel Dan chose was tucked between two buildings. It did not look like a hotel, which was why Dan liked it. He drove into the compound, parked his car and led Miameh into the building. The young girl had changed into jeans and a T-shirt. Her ass filled the jeans and made her look very sexy. He suspected that she must have showered but he didn’t want to take any chances. She had to shower again. In the room, he inquired nicely if she wanted anything to eat. She said no and began to undress for the business of the night. Seeing as Dan didn’t really know her, he felt slightly uncomfortable and  unnerved as she undressed. She wasted no time and got naked in a blink. Her ample but slightly droopy breasts stared him in the face and he felt his dick stir a little. Surprisingly, her pubis was shaved clean and he could make out her fleshy pussy-lips. The thought of her pussy made him stiffen even more and his dick strained through the crotch of his trousers.
Dan pointed towards the bathroom and motioned her to go in and take her bath. She obeyed and disappeared into the bathroom. In her absence, he felt less self-conscious and actually undressed. He turned on the air conditioner and sprawled on the bed with a smile. He closed his eyes and thought of Kweh, casting his mind back to the last time he’d been with her. The thought made him so hard that he began to stroke his dick. He was still deep in thought and stroking himself when Miameh emerged from the bathroom. She watched him pleasuring himself and smiled. She’d heard about him from the other dancers and really looked forward to fucking him. Dan’s eyes opened just in time to see Miameh walking towards him. She was naked and her body seemed a lot more curvy in the nude. Though her stomach still bulged a little. He missed Kweh’s slim body with her incredibly huge ass. What Miameh’s lacked in curves, she made up for in ample bosom and pretty face. Kweh was ugly but had a trophy- worthy body and sex-game.
He motioned for her to kneel before him on the bed, in doggy style. He slipped on a condom while Miameh did as he instructed. Holding his pulsating dick, Dan’s eyes glistened in feverish anticipation as his dick entered her slowly. His was 5 and a half inch long penis but it was unbelievably fat and the dick-head was abnormally large. Miameh clenched as the massive dickhead dug into her painfully. The thought of  fucking as his heart desired made him a little impatient and he jammed his length into her. Miameh yelped in pain and almost jerked away but Dan anticipated the move and grabbed her waist to stop her from fleeing. He began to thrust into her, making sure he jammed her hard enough to make her first moan came out in a scream. The scream excited him so much, he rammed into her in quick successions; his fat dick and huge dickhead causing friction in her pussy. Miameh let her head fall down, thus thrusting her ass further up in the air. She screamed into the mattress, her hands reaching out and grabbing any and everything it came in contact with.
Dan fucked her fast… He fucked her with fury… He fucked her hard… He fucked her till she began to whimper in genuine pain. She reached to press at her lower abdomen, feeling her whole body jiggle with every thrust he delivered. She spoke in her dialect, trying to move away from the bullish thrusts but Dan’s grip on her hips were like a vice. he thrust faster, S if possessed by a demon and Miameh’s orgasm burst forth involuntarily, making her scream so loud that her voice caught and came out in labored gasps. Dan wasn’t remotely ready to cum yet and Miameh’s legs seemed to be shaking so bad. He removed his dick from inside her allowed her fall back on the bed with a tired sigh. She turned on her back, still panting. Dan’s dick was still turgid and her eyes widened with sudden fear. He removed the condom and wore a fresh one. Miameh sat up suddenly as she realized that he still intended to fuck her. She winced as she felt pain in her lower abdomen. Dan turned to find her seated on the bed, a pillow between her thighs. She was shaking her head in the negative with a frightened look on her face.
“Miameh, what is it?” He asked while stroking his dick.
“No… No… No… E pain… No. E no fuck…” She told him.
“Oh… Come Miameh… Sorry… I will do small-small this time. Sorry.” He pleaded with her.
Still she refused and began to get dressed. Dan tried to explain that he would be more tender but seeing as she couldn’t communicate back in English or proper pidgin, he became frustrated. He needed to cum and didn’t want her to leave the room without an orgasm. With a final resigned sigh, Dan got out some money from his pocket and handed it to her. Miameh looked at the money hesitantly then looked at him. He was supposed to pay her Five thousand naira for the night but he willingly handed her eight thousand naira. He could see that the money was a huge temptation. He smiled reassuringly at her and she reluctantly took the money, counted it and slipped it into her pocket. She motioned at him to be more gentle and he nodded in agreement.
Miameh removed her clothes and lay on the bed, spreadeagled. Dan’s dick had shrunk to nothingness and the condom hung on it like a badly fitted glove. He encouraged her to touch herself so he could watch. She began to touch herself, rubbing her clit lazily and squeezing at her breast with her other hand. Dan watched her, his dick coming alive with amazing speed. He pull the condom over his dick, scrutinizing it suspiciously to be sure there was no tear in it. Then he positioned himself above Miameh, lifting one of her legs and placing it on his right shoulder. then he guided his dick into her. Impulse wanted to make him ram in but Miameh’s pussy wasn’t too wet and made any attempt at ramming into her near impossible. So he inched into her, slowly, going in and out… Making sure he got in deeper with every move. Miameh whimpered and Dan almost jammed in but he knew he would bruise her badly  and tear the condom if he did, so he patiently dug in till his full length was embedded in her. He remained still but he was throbbing madly inside her. She became increasingly wet and he began to thrust slowly. As his thrusts increased, her pussy moistened the more. She began to moan more loudly as he delivered faster thrusts. Dan grabbed her second leg and flung it over his shoulder and leaned forward; bracing himself on his hands. He began to pound her pussy mercilessly. Miameh screamed out and grabbed his arm. Dan fucked her so hard that she let out a fart and peed. The warm liquid slid down her pussy and formed a track town to her anus then landed on the bed in a torrential flow. The urine also helped moisten her pussy that was already on fire from the sexual assault it was receiving. Miameh began to push at Dan, trying to make him get up but Dan didn’t stop. Instead, he kept fucking her till his eyes glazed over then rolled up, like he was about to convulse. He let out a loud grunt and clenched his butt hard as he climaxed. He fell tiredly on her, his full weight almost smothering her. The energy he had exerted made him too weak to roll himself off her, so Miameh helped shove him off her. She winced in pain at the pain in her pussy and her lower abdomen.
She lay beside him for a few seconds, trying to gather her breath. Dan reached for her weakly but she evaded him and scooted to the far end of the bed. He gave her a puzzled look. Miameh avoided his gaze and managed to get off the bed, wincing in pain as she moved. She began to get dressed. Dan watched her in resignation. From the look on her face, he knew she would never agree to be with him again. He couldn’t blame her though. She finished dressing up  and removed her cellphone from her small, shabby bag. She made a call, speaking rapidly in her dialect. She nodded severally  and turned to give Dan the stink eye before continuing her conversation. Dan managed to sit up but that singular action put fear in her and she rushed to the door, thinking he was going to come after her. Instead, he removed the used condom and tossed it carelessly on the floor. Miameh ended her call and opened the door.
“Miameh, wait… Let me get dressed and go drop you back at KPAKPALE.” He told her.
Instead, she broke into a stream of words that he couldn’t understand but suspected to be insults. Then she splayed her fingers at him in the popular “waakaa” abuse… Opened the door and stalked out of the hotel room wincing and muttering. Dan sighed and laid back on the bed tiredly. There and then, he made up his mind to end his visit to KPAKPALE start his search for a girl that could withstand his mode of lovemaking elsewhere. He doubted if a normal girl would be able to fuck him and not complain. He yawned tiredly and reluctantly dragged himself off the bed to lock the door before falling back on the bed. He was thirsty but he was too tired to dial room-service to get water. He covered himself with the duvet and pondered warily if Ayilara prostitutes still exist or operate.

30 thoughts on “FREAKY FRIDAY – DAN’S PECULIAR PROBLEM. (R- 18+)

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