Posted first on 22nd February 2013
They couldn’t wait to be together….
The endless phone calls, the countless chats, the need they had built up, the bond they shared. At the mere mention of his name, she got wet… Really wet. Her nipples peaked and her insides tightened with need. She wanted to see him… Needed to see him… Wanted to have him fuck her HARD… till she screamed and begged him. He was glad he’d be able to see her finally. The last two days had zoomed by and he couldn’t clearly recount what had happened. His head was filled with her… His ears buzzed with the sound of her voice. His dick stiffened whenever he looked at her name in his contact list. She wasn’t all that, but at the moment, she was ALL he wanted. He knew she would be at the seminar. And he couldn’t wait to meet her. He’d spent the last two days at the venue where the seminar would be held… Checking out the arena, looking for possible nooky-spots. He was going mad with need but he didn’t mind. His madness would fade once his dick entered her pussy. She saw him almost immediately as soon as she entered the venue. The seminar had not commenced but the hall was almost filled up; yet it wasn’t hard for her to pick him out. He was everything she’d imagined him to be. Tall, muscular, handsome with full, pink lips. He looked like a ‘basketballer’ and her loins pooled with heat. As to be expected, men this good-looking usually married beautiful women. He’d told her during their many chats that his wife was pretty but he’d lied. The vision seated beside him was angelically beautiful. And she was mixed race. She felt a temporary stab of jealousy that this beauty was fucking this man on the daily and had the good fortune of birthing his babies. She turned away as the nice little usherette showed them to their table. He saw her enter with her husband in tow. In person, she looked even more buxom… Her v-necked blouse accentuated the fullness of her breast. He stiffened immediately at the thought of her nipples in his mouth. He wanted to hear her smoky voice moan… He wanted to fuck her deep… He wanted to rip her apart for tormenting him steadily for 3 straight months. He grabbed his blackberry and pinged her.“There’s an elevator just outside this hall. Meet you there in 5minutes”He watched her get up and lean to kiss her husband. Her husband told her something and she laughed… Real genuine laughter… He could tell it was genuine and it irritated him! He watched her walk out of the hall and immediately used his iPhone to dial his blackberry… He turned to his wife with and apologetic smile, made excuses and left the hall to supposedly take his call. She wasn’t by the elevator. He was worried but still, he walked towards it purposefully. He punched the button and waited. The doors opened and a lady stepped out. He entered, trying to quell his rising trepidation. He hoped she got his message. Another man entered the elevator and he almost got out. Just as the door was about to close, she rushed towards it. Instinctively, he punched and held the button to allow her in. Up close, she looked older… But he could see the heat in her eyes and her lips looked soft and kissable. His hard-on came instantly. The other man in the elevator smiled at her and he felt like punching him. From the mirrors in the closed confined space, he noticed the man staring at her breast. His brain scrolled MURDER in red. Luckily, he got off on the 3rd floor and left them alone in the elevator. She let out a deep breath of relief and turned to him. He pulled her close and kissed her. The passion between them exploded like firework.” I need to be inside you….” He muttered into her mouth.“I want you inside me….” She responded in her smoky voice. The elevator stopped and they reluctantly pulled apart. He held her hand and led her down a corridor. At the end of the corridor was a red metal door marked STAFF. He pushed the door open confidently and led her in. She barely had time to take in the small room that looked like a broom closet… He removed his suit, hung it on the door knob and grabbed her close. Their lips touched; his hands ran all over her body, freeing her breasts from their encased cocoon. Her breasts were beautifully full and her nipples had peaked. His mouth watered to take them in.“We have to hurry and get back…” Her smoky voice teased him.“Why do I want you this much? I want to bury myself inside you…She turned and faced the wall, splaying her fingers on it, bracing herself… Then she pushed her butt out and turned to smile at him.“Bury yourself in me baby…”Fuck! His zipper went down and he brought out his dick. He lifted up her skirt… She was wearing neon-blue, lacy panties. He wanted to taste her, but there was no time. Holding her waist with one hand, he guided his dick into her with the other. He pushed in till she’d engulfed all of him. Her gasp made him pulsate in frenzy and he reached out to grab her breast.“Pound this pussy baby…” She ordered him. He thrust into her. Fast! Rough!! Hard!!! H heard her choke back her moan… Heard her many gasps of pleasure, her breathing, labored. He thrust in some more, watching her waist bounce with every impact… Sweat building, making their bodies moist with heat. He rammed her like a horny teenager… savoring her moany pleasure, loving the way her juice slithered all over his dick, trying hard not to shoot when she began to ‘kegel’ him with her coochie muscles. He heard her gasping frantically, muttering words he couldn’t decipher and knew she was cumming… That was where his restraint ended. He pressed deep into her and for the first time since saying I Do to his wife of 5years, he filled another woman with his seed. They panted… They tried to compose themselves. She had sweat out her make-up and she knew the pits and several areas of her dress were soaked in sweat… She was lucky she wore black to this event. The cum inside her had begun to trickle out and she quickly stepped out of her panties and wiped her pussy with it. The panties were ruined instantly because he cum was much and thick. He obviously hadn’t had sex in a bit. Strangely, that pleased her. He had saved himself for her.“I still want you babes…” He told her, with fire burning in his eyes.“Let’s give it 20minutes then meet somewhere else” she told him. She was still dripping and her panties were useless. She got out tiny tissues from her bag, to wipe her pussy but her stopped her and handed her his handkerchief. She accepted it gratefully and wiped herself clean.“Wow… That was a lot of sperm you filled me with baby. What’s the plan? To get me pregnant?” She smiled at him, jokingly.“Yes! I want you to have my baby… And I’m dead serious” he wasn’t joking.“Shut up” she told him seriously, picked up her bag and exit the small room. He returned to the hall and sat beside his wife, planting a kiss on her cheek. The seminar had started but she still hadn’t returned. He saw her husband turn to the entrance severally and focused on him. The man wasn’t bad looking but nowhere near handsome. He loved his wife… She gave him beautiful kids and was passably good in bed but he had been serious when he told HER that he wanted her to have his kid. It could easily be worked out. Only both of them would know the child’s true paternity and that way, he was assured she would forever be a part of his life. He and her were soulmates, married to other people and now seeing her in person, he was never going to let her go. She eventually returned and told her husband that she had a stomach bug that gave her the runs. He was sympathetic and asked if she wanted to leave. She smiled and de lined. She felt his eye drilling holes on her but she didn’t give him a passing glance. Se held her husband’s hand and leaned into him. PING!!!! It was him… “Meet me in the parking lot in 5minutes”He got up again, not bothering to make excuses to his wife. He walked out of the hall again. His wife was busy chatting with her cousin on BB and was indifferent as he left. At the parking lot, she still hadn’t come. He paced in agitation and wished he smoked. He pinged her again and paced some more. He didn’t hear her walk up to him, but her touch electrified him. The chemistry he had with this woman was just too strong. He didn’t touch her when he turned around, though he wanted to. He walked up to his car… Opened it and let her into the backseat. He closed the door and turned around to the driver’s side. He started the car and turned on the A/C. He stared at her from the rear-view mirror and found her start naked, legs spread part, touching herself. OH FUCK!!!!! He huddled to the backseat to join her, leaning down swiftly to take one nipple in his mouth. She gasped and threw her head back in pleasure. He removed his suit again and tossed the roughly on the front passenger seat. His trousers followed. Luckily, the windows to his SUV were tinted and he was parked in an isolated, strategic portion of the parking lot.“I’m going to fuck this madness out… I need to fuck it out… You’re driving me crazy” he said in a frenzy.“Pull the two front seats back a bit so I can use their headrest as leg brace” She ordered him. Her voice was unusually husky and his dick strained painfully in his boxers. He did as she asked the knelt on the seat between her spreadeagled legs. They kissed slowly, tasting each other and pulling out emotions that threatened to scorch them. Then the kiss became fierce, needy, urgent and desperate. She hooked her feet on both headrests, slipped her hands behind the backseat chairs and hoisted herself up… He but hanging in the air. She was fit, for a mother and 3 and she was so fucking flexible. His need for her at that point drove him mindless. Yanking off his boxers, her aimed and dug into her, watching her eyes widen and her beautiful rosebud lips form an “O” of pleasure. The A/C blew cold air, aimed at his clenched butt as he began to deliver swift penal strokes. This time, she did not hold back her moans. She moaned aloud, muttering obscenities, calling on the name of special deities and whimpering in turns. Her moans made him ram her harder, her breasts bouncing with each thrust and her pussy wet wet enough to make him cum. He didn’t meant to… He didn’t plan to but he did… He groaned aloud and kissed her hard till his teeth cut at her lower lip… Hen he uttered the words… “I’m crazy in love with you… I knew I was 2 weeks after I joined the BB Group.”He waited for her to clam up…. She’d told him several times that she would never leave her husband. He didn’t want her to but a selfish part of him wanted her for himself. He stopped thrusting and stared into her eyes. She seemed to be pondering… One of the things he loved about her. She usually took her time before she spoke… “I’m in love with you too…. I don’t say it because it scares me shitless.”With her revelation, he fucked her mercilessly, rocking the SUV and sweating up the whole backseat of the car. She changed position… Pushed him to sitting mode and rode him. He was nearing the brink so he held down her waist and rammed her from under. He fucked her so hard they climaxed together. He groaned, calling out her name, pulling her hair and holding her tight. She had multiple orgasm; cried as she came and allowed him cradle and console her. They were sweating but they didn’t care. They were in each other’s arms, naked, allowing the A/C cool them and listened to each other breathe.“I have to see you again…” He told her, his voice sounding needy… Pleading.“We promised we would do this just this once…” She reminded him softly.“You and I know that once is not and will never be enough. Besides, you might be carrying my baby.“Shut up!” She said fiercely. ” We need to go back. We’ve been gone for too long.”He groaned. He didn’t want to be at the seminar. He wanted to be with her… In her arms. He wanted them to talk about all the funny crazy stuff they usually chat about… But he knew she was right. They had to go. She was unusually quiet when she dressed up and managed to smear a bit of lipstick on her rosebud lips. She smoothened her hair as best as she could and sprayed a lil eau-de-toilette over her pulse points. He had finished dressing way before her and sat, watching her. She finished and turned to him with a wan smile… She was about to say something… He had a feeling he wouldn’t like it so he blurted out… “I love you….”That seemed to stall anything she had to say. She smiled at him warmly, with all the love she felt for him, in her eyes. Then she opened the car door and walked out. An hour later,the seminar was over and several couples hung around discussing business or catching up with old friends. She’d noticed him hold his wife lovingly around the waist as they walked out of the hall. She was jealous. She turned to her husband and smiled at him. He pulled her to his side and kissed her lovingly on the tip of her nose. He’d wondered about her mysterious stomach bug and thought it wise that they go home immediately. She’d smiled, nodded in agreement and they’d left the hall. PING!!!!! “I can’t get enough of you baby… I need you bad. Can we meet at White House in Ikeja in 2 days?”She smiled and deleted the chat. Her clit throbbed slowly.‘Next time, he was going to have to eat her pussy.’ She thought. Then she turned off the lights, sidled into her sleeping husband’s arms and closed her eyes.


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  1. Dame my dame!! Have I missed you? Hell yes I have. To bless me with this wonderful writeup on my birthday? Damn I’m gonna fuck my wife silly tonight. Thanks to you. How’s my lil angel doing? Kiss her for me. I miss you.

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